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I am a single mother of three astounding children.

For years I’ve deemed myself as “A Beautiful Mistake” convinced I wasn’t worthy of happiness. Through moral support and prayer, I’ve overcome many obstacles and I’ve yet to be consumed by defeat.

I have realized there are an abundance of opportunities available to women from all walks of life. It’s too often that we allow our inner demons distract us from reaching our goals when we feel like we are at our lowest point in life.

My goal is to help all see the beauty within themselves. We all have a story to tell and fortunately there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Emma’Lees will be the start to an aspiring journey of security and happiness.


Dorean Mitchell


From the outside looking in people may think that life is easy. That’s not always been the case because I’ve struggled with many insecurities and self-doubt that hinder my full potential to greatness. Society can sometimes create an environment that makes us question “Am I good enough?” Over the past few years I’ve learned how to put those fears of ‘what if’ behind me and just go for the things that truly make me happy. Thankfully I have great influential people in my life that reassured me that success is achievable. You just have to want it. So, my goal with Emma’Lees is to help instill that confidence that’s needed as others have instilled in me to let you know that Yes you are great, Yes you are beautiful and together we are strong.


Quiana Brookins


I’d hear people's stories and see the things they would go through. All I could ever do was pray for them and count my blessings including my husband and beautiful children. But I always thought to myself I’m so glad I didn’t have to endure what others may have had to, but then what story did I have? Sometimes I thought it was great not to have one but then other days I thought does that mean I haven’t been through this thing called “Life”, struggled, cried tears of pain and hurt, or just wanted a friend to talk too and etc? NO, it just simply meant I had a different kind of story to tell or relate too. We all have one, it’s just realizing what it is and how we can use it to help others.

So life and being a part of Emma’Lees Transformation Studios has shown me that I’m that person who is great to talk to. Not because I have the great stories but because I’m so eager to talk to others, hear their story, how its affected them and what we can do to change the cycle. My goal is to encourage women and men daily. Despite their story they don’t have to be a product of their environment and that every action doesn’t require a reaction. But that we can rise above it all and Emma’Lees can be that start. Just help us help you by keeping these simple ethics of life......

Before you Pray -Believe

Before you Speak - Listen

Before you Spend -Earn

Before you Die - Live

And most of all

Before you Quit- YOU MUST TRY, TRY AND TRY!!!

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