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ETS Junior Braid School Anthem!!!!!

ETS Junior Braid School

 The ETS Junior Braid School is a youth entrepreneurship program for students ages 10-18. Students have the freedom to show creativity and create income simultaneously. We provide students with a classroom setting to work on developing their craft, then move them to a salon setting to bring their talents to light. Each program last for 12wks. Once students graduate, they are eligible to return as an intern for an additional 3 months. Upon completion of their internship, students are then candidates to work in our braiding salon, ETS Braid & Go located in

Jefferson Mall in Louisville, KY. 

We too value the importance of achieving results through collaborative partnerships. In 2021 ETS partnered with BLOCS Network of Louisville, a collaborative partnership with JCPS, Metro United Way and Louisville Metro. Our focus areas are, Program Quality, Data Collection and Analysis, Access and Participation, Outreach and Advocacy.

In 2020 ETS partnered with St. George Scholarship Institute providing free programs that educate, mentor, and nurture youth into healthy lifestyles.

We partnered with JCPS as a vendor and formed a 12week after school braid program (21st Century Program) at Iroquois High School and Myzeek Middle School.

We were also granted a proclamation from the Mayor’s Office and were awarded June 2, 2020 as the official ETS Junior Braider Day!

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ETS Junior Braid School

Thank you for your interest in attending the first and only ETS Junior Braid School!! I am honored that you are considering us to become a mentor for your Junior Braider and allowing us to teach the inside information of the beauty/braiding industry. Below are our most asked questions. If you are interested in signing up your Junior, please contact me via phone, text, or email to schedule your tour.

How many hours do you need to be certified ETS Braid Professional?

• 3months 

• Monday - Thursday

• Saturdays available for Internship & Appointments Only

How much is Tuition?

• Total Tuition - $700 (3 months)

• Monthly Payments of - $300 after a $100 deposit (Other payment options available)

• *Student could make tuition back*

What is included in this tuition?

• ETS Braid Manual (All content covered is included in this manual)

• Student Badge

• Mannequin Head

• All materials and supplies provided

• Students have theory in a classroom setting

• Students take live clients in a salon setting

• Students pocket all “tips” made and 60% from all services rendered

• Business Cards

• Business Plans

• Access to a 3-month Internship at ETS Braid & Go AFTER becoming an ETS certified braid specialist

• Student could make money paid towards tuition back


Our facility is about 6500sqft. We have two sides with two separate entrances. Our students learn different styles of braiding using a very interesting technique that breaks down the usage of each finger in a way students can easily understand! 

Our beginners are typically braiding within a day or so after participating in our "Braid Boot-camp." We understand that some students may require more attention than others. We provide one-on-one instruction with each individual student as needed so that there is no braider left behind!


Each Braider has the opportunity to become a Certified ETS Junior Braider after completing a total of 96hrs which is a minimum of 2 days a week 4hrs per day. Each student is responsible for logging their hours each day and at the end of each program a "graduation ceremony" is held. 

Once a braider is certified with ETS, our facility is open to them during normal business hours to continue their journey of entrepreneurship. We encourage our students to take ALL clients at the salon to ensure a safe, clean, comfortable and professional environment. Once your braider is apart of the ETS family, our mentor-ship NEVER stops!!! 

Teen Braiders!!!!!!!!!

The Summer of 2019

The Summer of 2019

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